Hello, I am Meleji Ndulai, local Maasai safari guide, originated from Monduli Mountains in Arusha town,
north of Tanzania country. We are known due to our intricate jewelry and for decades, have sold these
items to tourists and business without forgetting our beautiful music and dances.

I am a typical Maasai man, as we are a Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting Northern Tanzania throughout the Great Rift Valley; maintaining our culture in the face of extensive genetic introgression. We are among the best-known local populations internationally due to our residence near the many game parks of the great African lakes with our distinctive customs and dress. We Pastoralists community throughout Tanzania welcomes visitors worldwide to our villages to experience our culture, traditions, and lifestyle.

Tanzania is a place where culture, nature and wildlife are in abundance. The elevating culture and wildlife experience in Tanzania makes the safaris score over many of the adventure spots not only in Africa, but all over the world. The national parks have the highest concentrations of animals and vegetation As a guide in a Maasai community, I will take you to all these sanctuaries for another lifetime experience.